There are tWO types of monthly yureka subscriptions. 



1 hardcover book

OR 2 paperback books


Canada: $22

Rest of World: $31


 1 hardcover and 1 paperback

OR 3 paperback books


Canada: $33

Rest of World: $50



Our cutoff date to enroll in any month is the 25th for the following month. Any subscriptions with an original checkout date of the 26-31 of a month will not receive their first box until OVER A MONTH after enrollment. Your card will be NOT be charged on the date of your enrollment, but on the 25th preceding the month of your first box. You will never receive your first box in the month you enroll with yureka. You may notice a charge of $0.00 on your card statement on the date you enrolled; you will then see another charge on your account for the amount of the subscription (less any discount you may have applied) on the 25th, when we actually process payments and begin buying books for our customers!


Original checkout date: May 18th

 First box: June 

Card charged: May 25th, and every 25th thereafter.

Original checkout date: May 27th

First Box: July

Card Charged: June 25th, and every 25th thereafter


Additionally, a portion of every subscription is donated to a local library in the United States.


Looking to give a subscription as a gift? 

You can find more information about it here