Want to read new books, but don't have the time to find them? yureka is a book subscription service that puts each of your dollars toward what you care about most: finding your next favorite book! yureka delivers books based on your own unique interests. Each subscription is customized for our subscribers, which means that two subscribers may receive completely different boxes! Cut down on that ever-growing TBR pile (or add to it!) by signing up for our subscription. Here's how it works: 


1. Create an Account 

Sign up with yureka by entering your contact and payment information as well as a short survey of your particular reading interests. 



We take the information you provided and combine it with our own knowledge of the industry to make the perfect selections for you. 


3. Books at your doorstep

By the end of each month, you will receive a box containing your new favorite books without ever leaving the house. 


4. Rate before you Read

Tell us how you feel about the books you received prior to reading them. Do they interest you? Is there one you absolutely cannot wait to start? 


5. How were they?

Rate the books after you've read them to help us pick better reads for you next time. We'll incorporate all of your reviews into an even more customized experience for the following month.


6. We donate

With every subscription, yureka makes a donation to a local library or charity. As you enjoy your books, know that someone else will soon enjoy one too. 

Head over here to check out our US subscriptions, and sign up here outside of the US.