How much does a yureka subscription cost?

There are two types of yureka subscriptions. The $35 per month option receives either 1 hardcover or 2 paperbacks. The $45 per month option receives either 1 hardcover and 1 paperback, or 3 paperback books. All options donate a portion to a local library every month .

Where are the donations sent?

We donate to local libraries around the nation. Our donations are split evenly among all of our partners.

Can I recommend an organization?

Absolutely! Just send us the information via our Nominate A Library page, and we'll reach out to the organization. We can't promise that they'll want to partner with us, but we'll contact them.

What is inside my subscription each month?

At yureka, we be believe our customers should receive more of what they love, which is why we only put books in our subscription boxes. Specifically, only the genres you request in the survey you fill out at checkout. You may find a small surprise or two as well.

Can I cancel my subscription?

If you're unhappy with our services, you are free to cancel your subscription. If it is before the 15th day of the month, it will be cancelled for the following month, otherwise the cancellation is in effect for the following month. For example, if you cancel your account on June 13th, you will not receive the July box. You'll still receive the June box. You can cancel your account through your personal account managment link.

What if I don't like a book, can I return it?

Unfortunately you cannot return a book to us. For more information check out our Return Policy. We do, however, have a forum for subscribers to connect with each other. You are free to contact other users to swap books, but you do so at your own risk. More information about the forum can be found in the Terms of Service and Return Policy. You can find the forum here.

How can I manage my account?

Your personal account management link was provided to you in any email regarding a successful payment, an upcoming payment, or your successful registration of a subscription. If you cannot find your personal link, or no longer have possession of those emails, we are happy to re-send you the link here.

After I subscribe, when is my card charged?

Your credit card will be charged on the 25th of the month, regardless of when you sign up prior to the 25th. For example, if you subscribed to yureka on July 14th, your card would be charged on July 25th. If you subscribed on July 27th, your card would not be charged until August 25th and you would not receive your subscription until September.

When will I receive my first month?

Our cutoff date to enroll in any month is the 25th for the following month. Any subscriptions with an original checkout date of the 26-31 of a month will not receive their first box until OVER A MONTH after enrollment. Your card will be NOT be charged on the date of your enrollment, but on the 25th preceding the month of your first box. You will never receive your first box in the month you enroll with yureka. You may notice a charge of $0.00 on your card statement on the date you enrolled; you will then see another charge on your account for the amount of the subscription (less any discount you may have applied) on the 25th, when we actually process payments and begin buying books for our customers!


Original checkout date: May 18th

First box: June

Card charged: May 25th, and every 25th thereafter.

Original checkout date: May 27th

First Box: July

Card Charged: June 25th, and every 25th thereafter

Why is the enrollment cutoff the 25th? Why did I receive my first box over a month after I signed up?

yureka subscriptions are a little different than other subscriptions you may be familiar with in that each box is customized to the customer. This means that every box we ship is different, so we can't order a set number of books/booksmarks/etc for our customers and therefore we need a couple more days to provide you with excellent service. Here's why:

1. We're a small company; we need to know exactly how many customers have paid for the month, so that we don't have inventory that isn't used. If we have inventory that we're not using, that eats up funds that we could be using on giveways or discounts for you!

2. Each box is customized; we need a couple extra days to tailor books to each customer. This is why you're charged on the 25th of May for the June box. We're using those extra days to make sure you're receiving books you'll enjoy!

3. Having a couple extra days allows us some wiggle room in case one of our suppliers has an issue. We can come up with a solution and still ship to you on the same time table.

Due to this cutoff date, some of our customers may not receive their first boxes for over a month (if you signed up on the 29th of a month, for instance). This is not an ideal situation, but it allows us to ensure that we buy a sufficient number of books for our existing customers and also have enough time to accurately determine which books will fit best for our new customers. By the time we process payments on the 25th, we've already begun determining what we'll buy for the next box.

If you signed up on the 29th and we shipped your first box a few weeks later, it would mean we would have to spend less time on your customization--and that's not the kind of service we'd like to provide. And while you might get your first box a little sooner, you might not like what you get in it as much, so we created the 25th cutoff date.

Can I subscribe outside of the U.S.?

Yes! We do ship outside of the U.S., however, we must charge you extra for shipping. You can sign up for a subscription here! For residents of Canada, additional shipping fees of $22 or $33 will be added to the monthly subscription cost. For residents of all other countries, additional shipping fees of $31 or $50 will be added to the monthly subscription cost.

The price of shipping packages internationally varies based on weight. Instead of charging a flat shipping charge across all international subscribers, our customers who choose a less heavy subscription pay less for shipping. This allows us to keep shipping costs as low as possible for you. None of our international customers pay the full cost of shipping.

What genres are available in a yureka subscription?

While we focus mainly on young adult novels for your subscription, which are YA Contemporary, YA Dystopian, YA High Fantasy, YA Urban Fantasy, YA Paranormal, YA Science Fiction, and YA Nonfiction, we will happily include any genre you like in your subscription. Just be sure to select that genre when you fill out our customer reading profile during checkout.

What do you mean by a certain genre?

The following serves as our definitions for the YA genres:

YA Contemporary: A book that is set in "real life," or life as we know it, e.g. The Fault in Our Stars.

YA Paranormal: A book that has paranormal elements, which often include such creatures as ghosts, vampires, werewolves, etc. Some of these books can blend into fantasy as well. Think Twilight.

YA High Fantasy: A book that is set in a fictional or made-up realm, with no illusions or aspects of the "real world," e.g. The Lord of the Rings.

YA Urban Fantasy: A book that has magic or other aspects of fantasy, but is grounded in the "real world" for its setting, e.g. Harry Potter.

YA Dystopian: A book set in a realm with an oppressive or overtly war-like society that mistreats its citizens, e.g. The Hunger Games.

YA Science Fiction: A book that features such things as scientific or technological innovations, space or time travel, or aliens as plot points. Can often blend with the Paranormal and Fantasy genres. A good example of this is The 5th Wave.

YA Nonfiction: Not a novel, advises young adults on topics they might encounter in real life.

It's important to note that many of these genres (except, for the most part, YA Contemporary and Nonfiction) overlap each other in a single book. Therefore, it can often be difficult to find a book that exemplifies only one genre, but the examples given above are probably the closest one might find.

Can I give a yureka subscription as a gift?

Yes! We offer all three of our subcriptions as a gift option. In addition, we have a customizable certificate available for you to print to give the recipient. More information about giving yureka as a gift can be found here. Our gift subscriptions are only for US customers at this time.

Note: Generating a gift certificate does not mean that you have purchased a gift subscription. You must first pay for the gift here. Then you can generate the gift certificate.


Photo taken by Moyan Brenn on Flickr.