yureka is the creation of two friends who met in college as group members in their business calculus class and quickly bonded over their mutual love of books and music. yureka was founded the summer after their junior year of college. 

The company name is a play on the Greek word, "eureka", which Archimedes is said to have exclaimed when he realized that the bathtub water displaced by his body could be used to measure the volume of an object. "Eureka" translates to "I have found it." At yureka, we've found it for you. You can learn more about the phrase here. 

Each of our subscribers will receive handpicked items every month we believe they will enjoy, based on the interests they put into our system and our in-depth knowledge of the industry. 

At yureka, we're also committed to helping our customers' local communities. That's why, with every subscription sold, a book will be donated to a local library or charity of the customer's choosing.

There are a lot of books out there. Let us find what you'll enjoy so you can just keep reading.